Sunday, June 1, 2008

Newfoundland Mittens

Newfoundland Mitts

Adult Size

Size 5 US double pointed needles

1 skein of Worsted Weight or DK – Main Color = M/C
1 skein of Worsted Weight or DK – Contrasting Color = C/C

Cuff- With M/C wool, cast on 42 stitches. Divide on 3 needles (14 stitches on each needle). Join, being careful not to twist stitches, K2, P1 around, for 19 rounds or desired length. On the last round, increase 2 stitches on each needle (48 stitches total, 16 on each needle).


Rounds 1 & 2 – with M/C, Purl

Round 3 – Join C/C, K4, slip 2 purl ways, repeat to end of round. Repeat this round 4 more times.

Next Round; Using Main Color, Purl 2 rounds

Next Round; Using Contrasting Color, K1, *slip 2 purl ways, K4, repeat from * to the last 3 stitches, K3. Repeat this round 4 more times.

This makes one pattern ( 2 "Bubbles" ). Repeat this pattern once more making 4 "Bubbles"

Beginning with a purl row and M/C, put 8 stitches on a stitch holder. (I usually will purl the first stitch since it is the contrasting color, and put the next 8 stitches…the 2 slipped M/C, the 4 Knitted C/C, and the 2 slipped M/C… on a holder). Then cast on 8 more stitches and purl 2 rounds. Continue the pattern until 6 more "Bubbles" are made, end with 2 purl rounds.

Tip; With M/C,
1st round; K4, K2 together, repeat around
2nd round; K around
3rd round; K3, K2 together, repeat around
4th round; K around
5th round; K2 , K2 together, repeat around
6th round; K around
7th round; K1, K2 together, repeat around
8th round; K around
9th round; K2 together to end and fasten off by leaving a 12" tail. Thread through a needle and draw through all the stitches, weave in on the inside of the mitt.

Thumb; With M/C, pick up 8 stitches and slip the stitches off the stitch holder (16 stitches divided on 3 needles…I usually will put them 6-6-4). Knit 20 rounds or until the desired length. K2 together all around and fasten off.

This pattern was taught to me by 2 women (Angela and Leone) from Nova Scotia


Manise said...

Yahoo you're back!

zippiknits said...

Thank you for the patterns. They are lovely ones. Hope you are well, and as happy as possible.

Anonymous said...

Miss Maggie !! Soo good to see the Newfoundland Mitt you posted. I am knitting to send with Nick as he heads back to the tall ships :)
Talk with you soon

Anonymous said...

i was wondering is there a pattern for a matching hat if so where could i get it

Maggie said...

dunno if there is a hat pattern. I'm sure someone could design one using this pattern though...

Roberta said...

There is a hat pattern ! Go to Ravelry .. look at Glindale. She has the Newfoundland Hat pattern!

pssst she is from Duluth :)

walnut said...

Thank You Maggie.. I am a knitter from Nova Scotia and I am going to try this pattern! really shouldn't smoke..

Maggie said...

Ha Ha Walnut!!! :) I really don't smoke and never have... I just put there so I would sound "bad ass" :) You are welcome to the pattern, it isn't mine. It's one that has been circulating in Nova Scotia for years. I fell in love with the mittens when I was up there several years ago and tracked down someone who had a handwritten copy of the pattern. I'll be up there again soon!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the slip row. After you slip the two stitches, do you pull the wool tight or leave it fairly loose. I made these mitts following the pattern and they were too small, but I did pull the wool tight behind the two slipped stitches, Thank-you